About Preet Mani

Preet Mani which is taken from his first name Manpreet is a punjabi vocalist and song writer from Brampton, Ont. Preet Mani has been leaving marks in the Punjabi music industry since late 2008 with his track entitled “Maye” and “SadhaAvtar”. Preet Mani is currently working with Mahesh Mulwani who is his musical instructor who has assisted with various compositions and musical styles. To Continue, Preet has showcased his positive energy and melodic skills throughout various performances at many local events including “When Lions Roar” as well as the “2010 Music Week Festival”. Preet Mani has worked with many local artists from the likes of Danny Fernandes, Humble the Poet, WyzeWonda, JtSaund, Randy Jassaland MC JD.

Not one to put limits on his creative output or corner himself into the generic sound of modern day punjabi music, Preet’s global experiences have inspired him to incorporate an array of hip-hop and modern day “desi” music influences into his style.

Preet Mani gained much popularity from such tracks as “Bullian Gullabi” which featured Danny Fernandes “Sadha Avtar”, “Maye”, “Akh Mastani” and his 2010 release of”Yaari” which featured “Wyze Wonda”.

In May 2010, Preet decided he wanted to make his first video debut for his single “Yaari” as a means of attracting his audience to his fan page and creating awareness in the community for his launch. Preet Mani teamed up with Ali K from Binary Medium to put together his video for his smash hit “Yaari” which featured Wyze Wonda from the bedrock camp.

2013 is a big year for Preet Mani as he teams up with a few Canadian hip hop icons for his mix tape.

Preet Mani is currently working with Jt Saund on his latest release set for February 2013 entitled “Nachdi”.